Bancamiga to offer national taxes paying system

The spokespersons of the financial institution reported that special, ordinary and large taxpayers have the comfort and efficient attention provided in their agencies and through the page

Bancamiga Banco Universal now offers the possibility of paying national taxes that have been declared on the Seniat portal, at the ticket offices of its authorized agencies at the national level and through the page

“Every day we are thinking about the well-being of our clients, so we are pleased to announce that soon they will be able to pay Income Tax (ISLR), Value Added Tax (VAT) and customs taxes both on the website and in our branches,” indicated Carmelo De Grazia, president of the Bancamiga Board of Directors.

Timely and preferential treatment

Special taxpayers, ordinary and large companies will have the comfort and efficient service offered in the Bank’s agencies, where they will be able to fulfill their obligations with diligent and preferential treatment.

Those taxes declared on the Seniat portal will be accepted at the financial institution’s ticket offices, which must be submitted through the corresponding forms.

The form of payment at the box office is in cash, a manager’s check from another bank in the same place, a debit account, and Bancamiga’s own checks, among others.

“In addition to constantly innovating with our products, we also expanded the range of services to offer in order to continue growing and consolidating ourselves in Venezuelan banking,” said De Grazia.

With information from Bancamiga

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