Bancamiga organizes the third webinar on its products in dollars and euros

The institution reinforces its strategy for launching foreign currency financial instruments with interactive communication that brings it closer to its clients and the public

Bancamiga Banco Universal is inviting to its third online conference to publicize the opportunities of its foreign exchange products. The virtual meeting will be held through the Zoom and Instagram Live platforms, this Thursday, July 2, 2020, at 7:00 p.m.

The topic to be discussed in this opportunity will be “Buy and sell your dollars and euros at the Bancamiga Exchange Board” and will be addressed by the director of Financial Assets, Juan Asuaje, together with the director of Payment Channels, Alberto Camardiel, who after their presentation will answer the questions of the participants.

Bancamiga has among its purposes to generate an innovative culture through communication, to promote its products and services, in addition to contributing to financial education.

The bank started the cycle of online seminars, also known as webinars, with the topic: “How to keep your billing in dollars: an alternative to Zelle” and “E-commerce, an alternative to Zelle, to collect in dollars.”

The contents of the first two conferences are available on the YouTube channel @bancamiga, as well as on Instagram TV.

“For Bancamiga it is satisfactory to connect with the public and with our clients in order to expose the benefits of our currency products, unique in the market. We have an audience hungry for information and financial solutions. We clear out doubts and concerns and set the standard for communications in Venezuelan banks,” said the executive president of the bank, Alberto De Armas.

On this occasion, Asuaje and Camardiel will go deep, among other topics, into the Online Selling option offered by the Exchange Board and where all clients can sell currencies, from 5 tp 200 dollars or euros.

One of the main purposes is to innovate and strive in the search for new procedures to meet the needs of clients, grow as an institution and be more competitive in the financial market, supported by the use of new technology, automation and improvement of the quality, oriented towards constant renewal and always being at the forefront, said the spokespersons when issuing the invitation to participate in the Webinar.

With information from Bancamiga

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