Bancamiga Banco Universal creates and offers a card for online Christmas purchases

It was informed that the financial instrument is available to use on Amazon, Walmart, Netflix and can be affiliated with Paypal

Bancamiga remains attached to its line of innovation and this Christmas it offers all its clients competitive products that adapt to the needs of the Venezuelan market.

This is how it has made the Guaranteed Currency Card available to its customers, under the Mastercard franchise, which works to make purchases on the Internet.

The card can be used at Amazon, Walmart, to pay for the Netflix service, to affiliate it with your Paypal account and for all other types of online purchases.

“It is a product that has been widely accepted and we know that many people are making their Christmas purchases and gifts of the Child Jesus, through this versatile instrument”, said Yraima Martínez, Vice President of Payment Methods at Bancamiga Banco Universal.

The procedure to request it is very simple. It is done through Bancamiga Online, which is why it is necessary to be a bank customer. The service is only available to a natural person.

The card number is collected at the MRW Bancamiga agency or point selected at the time of ordering the product. The estimated delivery time is 72 hours, depending on the place where it has been requested. If more information is required, one of our executives should be contacted.

The card must be recharged before using it and it will be effective within a maximum period of 24 hours and a minimum of 12 hours.

G. Febres

With information of Bancamiga

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