Avior and American Airlines take steps to reactivate the Caracas-Miami route

A team of biologists evaluates the possibility of performing the COVID-19 antigen test on passengers before traveling

According to what was indicated by the executive president of Avior, Juan Bracamonte, negotiations are currently being carried out with American Airlines with the objective of having the United States lift the sanctions that prevent direct flights from Venezuela to Miami.

“We have no problem admitting that we are lobbying for this sanction to be lifted,” said Bracamonte through an interview, in which he also pointed out that the company, due to the pandemic, had to reduce the staff that worked for the company .

It is important to mention that as part of the biosecurity plan, the airline, together with a team of biologists, is studying the possibility of carrying out the coronavirus (COVID-19) antigen test on passengers before traveling.

The Venezuelan private airline wants, as American Airlines does, to restore Miami-Caracas connectivity

These professionals hired by private aviation companies are working on this possibility and contacting the providers of this specialized test, which can offer results in the short term.

In Panama and Colombia, countries that have restarted their activities, there have been changes in the rules in relation to the application of PCR tests in a few days and Venezuela does not escape the difficulties to implement or require this type of study from passengers.

For this reason, it is proposed to apply the antigen test, since it does not require great complexity and the results are reliable, in the opinion of health experts. This was indicated by the president and senior spokesperson of Avior Airlines, who spoke with the Foreign Press Association (Apex).

Avior is respectful of the decisions of the aeronautical and health authorities, but considers that it is their duty to make proposals and to present solutions for their consideration.

With information from El Sumario, DobleLlave and APEX

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