Artificial Intelligence for Humanitarian Action

Microsoft, the technological giant, said that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will optimize the quality of life of more than one billion people by applying new technologies to the field of humanitarian aid

The president of MicrosoftBrad Smith, said in the forum Concordia -an event that takes place as a prelude to the UN General Assembly– that his company will allocate 40 million dollars to its new program called “Artificial Intelligence for Humanitarian Action“.

“One of the big hopes is that we can all work together to solve critical humanitarian problems,” Smith said.

He also assured that new technologies can be used in the prevention of humanitarian disasters, such as the early detection of famine, a project that was already presented jointly by the United Nations (UN) and the World Bank and which they named “Mechanism of Action against Famine. “

Similarly, he said that artificial intelligence will be used to improve assistance to children who need help with the “Smile Operation” program which allows the surgeons who intervene the infants to analyze and improve the quality of their work.

The company, a pioneer in technology, plans to use the new technologies in addition to the protection and support of refugees. “When all this is configured a new era could be created. Artificial intelligence has a lot to offer,” Smith concluded.


Source: Banca y Negocios 

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