Artificial intelligence enhances residential security

Insurance companies analyze possible risks and advantages of the systems with support from the AI

Multiple advances in Artificial Intelligence are currently applied in cybersecurity systems. In homes and commercial buildings the protection of the facilities is strengthened through applications with predictive analysis capability to avoid risky situations.

Insurance companies have analyzed the disadvantages that automated security systems could represent, such as the vulnerability of privacy or the theft of personal data through hacker attacks.

However, the advantages outweigh these concerns. The protection systems based on artificial intelligence allow to identify real cases of intrusion of false alarms, video surveillance with cloud support, automation of opening and closing of doors.

Experts in the area indicate that in addition to reducing costs in security services, the AI ​​offers immediate information provided by cameras and other devices with night vision, facial recognition and suspicious repetitive movements record.

Through modern cameras, private residences and business owners can achieve high levels of security in 24/7 periods, and decide when the system can be shut down or suspended. The investment may seem high but the performance balances the expense.


Source: NYTimes

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