Argentine municipality launches cryptocurrency to boost economy

The Marcos Paz municipality inf Argentina launched its own cryptoactive to boost the local economy and citizen participation

The cryptoactive or utility token that bears the name “Activos Marcos Paz” will work only within the municipality through a digital wallet that will allow to credit or spend that asset and which has been developed to work exclusively with the currency.

The cryptocurrency is based on the blockchain of bitcoin where transactions can be recorded without the possibility of falsification. The assets “Marcos Paz” will be deposited in a wallet whose application is available in 50 stores that will operate with this form of payment.

Similarly, the municipality will reward citizens with virtual credits for a series of actions that seek to encourage citizen participation such as tax payments, recycling and the use of bicycles.

It is vital to know that no commission will be charged for users or for businesses that accept payments with the cryptoactive.

“The objective is to achieve a program of belonging and inclusion, savings and exclusive benefits for citizens in Marcos Paz. The mobile application held on a blockchain platform allows the exchange of obligations, benefits, discounts, promotions, savings and credits,” according to the web portal of the municipality.



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