Argentina will have a blockchain platform

Through the Argentine Internet Chamber, the nation seeks to add security mechanisms to digital transactions

The Argentine Internet Chamber (Cabase) announced on Tuesday, together with the Association of University Interconnection Networks (ARIU), that the nation will have its own blockchain platform.

This is Blockchain Federal Argentina, an infrastructure that will allow verifying the transactions made with electronic currencies and thus be able to add security mechanisms for the digital economy.

“Due to the characteristics of the blockchain technology, plus the attributes of interoperability and public and collaborative use with which this platform will be created, it will be possible to run applications and systems that improve the processes of public and private sector organizations throughout the country”, said the Cabase statement.

In a first phase, the platform has a farm of 15 distributed servers and a framework that will run the applications of the users.

The platform is designed to operate strictly without an associated cryptocurrency, and will be operational before the end of the year.

K. Tovar

Source: Canl-Ar

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