Argentina to accelerate Internet speed through a submarine cable

The construction of this cable is in the hands of Facebook, together with the technology solutions company GlobeNet

The communications technologies arrived to allow a faster and more efficient interaction between people, companies, countries. Currently, Argentina seeks to accelerate the speed of Internet connection through the construction of a submarine cable.

Those responsible for this task are Facebook and the technology solutions and connectivity company GlobeNet. The cable will be called Malbec and will extend for 2,500 kilometers.

With this initiative Argentina would be connected through Buenos Aires, the capital, with the Brazilian cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. In addition, it would have an extra branch to Porto Alegre.

The main objective of Facebook and GlobeNet is to optimize the connections between both countries of South America, and lay the foundations for a better connection with the United States.

The Malbec submarine cable would be operational by 2020, with an offer of six fiber pairs that in principle would double the international connection capacity.


Source: FayerWayer

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