Argentina promotes blockchain for public sector

The South American country studies the Blockchain Federal Argentina project, in which different sectors of the economy will participate

The new models of the world economy demand an adaptation to the use of digital technologies. Argentina has taken a step forward in the application of blockchains for the public sector through the Blockchain Federal Argentina project. It is oriented to optimize the Internet service in the country.

The project will include the participation of the Argentine Internet Chamber (Cabase), which brings together the private sector players, NIC Argentina for the public sector, as well as the Association of University Interconnection Networks (ARIU) on behalf of the education sector.

Project spokespersons have indicated that 15 servers will be operational in the initial phase of the project. The public sector participants seek to continue adding value to the service and have an optimal platform by the end of 2018.

It is important to note that Argentina has been one of the first countries in the continent to adopt cryptocurrencies for digital transactions. To achieve this they have installed a large number of ATMs that facilitate operations to national and foreign customers.

A large number of businesses in the country accept payments in cryptocurrencies, so new projects are imposed to advance towards a consolidated digital ecosystem in the medium and long term.


Source: Coincrispy

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