Argentina freezes gas and electricity prices again

The government extended the prices of these services for another 90 days, and the period for renegotiating costs will be two years

The Argentine government froze electricity and gas rates for another 90 days, after the extension made last June that expired at the end of the year.

This was indicated by the Executive through a decree published in the Official Gazette, in which it established that the maximum term for renegotiating the electricity and gas rates will be two years, during which the agreements corresponding to the respective ones must be suspended current rate reviews.

Thus, until December 2022, the agreements corresponding to the respective rate reviews of the state regulators of electricity (Enre) and gas (Enargas) will be suspended.

The renegotiation process will culminate with the signing of a final agreement on the comprehensive rate review, which will open a new rate period.

Those in charge of the rate renegotiation process will be the state companies themselves, and the scope of the renegotiation may be expanded according to the particularities of each regulated sector. Thus, within the process, temporary tariff adjustments or even their segmentation, as appropriate, may take place, always taking into account the continuity and normal provision of the public services involved.

K. Tovar

Source: dpa

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