Argentina develops a robot truck for electric cars supply

Bravo Motors Company announced the creation of a truck to supply energy to electric vehicles in Argentina, based on blockchain technology

The main objective of the Argentine company Bravo Motor Company is to combine robotics, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence in products for the energy sector. Its most recent bet is a robot truck to provide recharging to electric vehicles.

Miguel Ángel Bravo, president of the company, said: “This product may be of particular interest in everything related to the future of energy, associated with the use of microgrids and blockchain.” Bravo highlighted the importance of the project to provide transparency and traceability to the generation, distribution and storage of distributed renewable energies.

The company is focused on offering energy supply to the owners of electric vehicles and thus reduce the anxiety caused by the fear of running out of supply. All this from renewable sources certified by blockchain technology.

In this sense, and thanks to artificial intelligence, Bravo Motor Company will be able to continue in its fight to achieve zero emission. They bet that cars can store electrical energy produced by solar radiation and wind, once the renewable power stations reach their maximum power.

Bravo pointed out that by means of an artificial intelligence algorithm, these recharge trucks and accumulators of renewable energies follow the demand for recharging electric vehicles. They will have a mobile app to identify the need to recharge and where the nearest truck is.


Source: Diario Bitcoin

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