Arcane Office lends its blockchain to work on documents and spreadsheets

Blockchain technology emphasizes security and is positioned as an excellent solution to keep information safe

In recent years have been developed dozens of applications based on blockchain technology that promise to preserve privacy by encrypting the information handled.

In this sense, Arcane Office is presented, an alternative to Google Docs based on blockchain from where it is possible to create and edit documents with total security.

The application enters the blockchain thanks to the operation in Blockstack, which will provide an important security layer, considering that the files will be kept encrypted.

TTo start using Arcane Docs it is neccesary to log in from a Blockstack account, in case of not having one, it can be created totally free. It is worth remembering that it is an option to Google Docs with a very similar interface as well as its operation.

Arcane has a word processor, spreadsheet and photo manager that can be accessed by changing the first word of the link. In this way, it is possible to enter to the spreadsheets, but changing “sheets” for “docs” it will go to the word processor..

L. Sáenz

Source: Tekcrispy

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