Apple releases the “dark version” on its iOS 13

During WWDC 2019, held in the United States, the CEO of the company announced the official launch of this new way of showing the operating system, along with other tools

Apple has presented, in the framework of its developer conference WWDC 2019 held this Monday in San Jose (United States), the new version of its iOS 13 mobile operating system, which has received a new native dark mode, as well as support for Download apps directly from the App Store on your Apple Watch watches, without the help of your mobile.

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has kicked off the inaugural “keynote” of WWDC, where he thanked his contribution to the application developers.

“We are inspired by the millions of Apple applications in the world,” Cook said in his participation last Monday.

Apple has recalled its recent subscription services, recently announced, among which are the news service Apple News, its video game service, Arcade, which will be available this year, as well as Apple TV+ for the ‘streaming’ of television programs.

The company has presented a series of new programs of its own production, among which are the series on the arrival of man on the Moon “For all mankind“, which will arrive this fall. Apple TV+ will be available in 4K quality with the TV OS system.

K. Tovar

Source: El Comercio

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