Apple creates a non-commercial iPhone for cybersecurity investigation

The execution code has been called Security Research Device

Apple started a program aimed at cybersecurity researchers, who will be able to work with an iPhone specifically designed to advance the security of this phone and will be compatible with the company’s rewards program.

The program focuses on an “iPhone dedicated exclusively to cybersecurity investigation”, with a “unique execution code and containment policies“, which goes by the name of Security Research Device (SRD), as it collects the official page.

SRD was designed to be used in a “controlled environment”; It is not intended for ordinary use and grants access to items that a normal iPhone does not allow, such as Shell or rights modification.

The idea behind this program is to advance iOS and iPhone security. With this device, researchers will be able to locate vulnerabilities and bugs, of which they must immediately inform Apple or the corresponding company, if it is found in the code of a third-party application.

This method is compatible with the companies’ rewards program, with which researchers can earn up to a million dollars with the most serious discoveries.


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