Apple Arcade to be launched on September 19

As evidenced in Apple's Keynote, its premium Apple Arcade service is almost ready for launch next week

This new game server for iOS mobile devices will have an extensive catalog of 100 Premium video games, which transforms it in an online server with exclusive service that offers family financing packages of up to six people and the first month free.

In this sense, the advantage of being an online server gives the users the experience of enjoying games like Capcom and Konami among the rest that stand out on the platform. Games can also be downloaded and unlike other servers, it will not face the limitations of being connected to the network, because the user will enjoy the downloaded video game after it is subscribed to the service.

As for the developers, they will create content exclusively for Apple and should not worry about whether the game sells or not. Although the US company has not specified more details, it is presumed that the income from these studies will be paid directly by its provider.

In this sense, developers will receive a monthly salary for launching games on the Apple platform, which indicates that the cancellation will be for launching games and not for the amount of sale.

For now, the public should have to wait for more details from Apple about Apple Arcade. Meanwhile, it is expected that there will be an additional incentive for game developers who wish to delay launching on Google Play and other rival services.


Source: playerone

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