Apple and Samsung are the most requested brands

Users around the world usually have Apple and Samsung in mind when it comes to buying a mobile device

Apple and Samsung are the brands most commonly chosen by mobile phone users when they want to renew them with refurbished models, a purchase option that globally experienced a growth of 15 %.

That is one of the conclusions reached by Counterpoint in the “Global Refurbished Smartphone Tracker” investigation, in which they wanted to determine the popularity index of refurbished mobile devices.

This type of equipment is known for having been used previously, either by another user or by the brand, and which is put up for sale to the public after going through a testing process to determine that it is in the right condition.

According to this study, while new smartphone shipments grew 4.5% in 2021, refurbished smartphones saw 15% year-over-year growth, much of which was from Apple and Samsung.

Precisely both brands have self-service repair plans, with access to spare parts, tools and official manuals, with which they invite users to access tools that prolong the use of their devices. In markets such as Europe, what is known as the right to repair has also been promoted.

Source: dpa

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