Antonopoulos: Blockchain is a “corporate toy”

The creator of Bitcoin Master said that technology of this type "has lost the sense for which it was created due to its manipulation to generate financial tools"

In the past Bitcoin Polish Congress, held in the City of Warsaw, the author of Bitcoin Master, Andreas Antonopoulos, issued some controversial opinions regarding the core technology of cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, ensuring that it “has lost its meaning for which was created due to its manipulation to create tools dedicated to the corporate world “.

Antonopoulos, widely known in the sector, exalted the Bitcoin in his speech and said that this cryptocurrency is the true future of this sector, since the key has been its complexity and decentralization capacity that “offends” the traditional financial system.

He also pointed out that the interesting thing about Bitcoin is that it can’t be censored or controlled because too many people work with the cryptocurrency. However, he highlighted that Blockchain tools dedicated to the corporate world are a “sterile environment, not expressive, not invented, a corporate toy that has been stripped of everything interesting and has been left as an empty shell”.

These statements caused a great impact because at the Consensus conference in Coindesk, developers Jimmy Song and Johnathan Corgan criticized the deficiencies of the event, claiming that Blockchain had become “a kind of show” but the audience was unclear about the technical implications of this technology.

N. Moncada

Source: CoinCrispy

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