Android and Samsung team up to improve background app management

Android and Samsung are working together to make service management APIs work better in the background

Android and Samsung Electronics have teamed up to implement application management improvements so that the application programming interfaces (APIs) dedicated to managing these background services work “consistently” and are compatible across the board Android ecosystem “in a predictable way.”

Android devices restrict background processes, so apps use fewer device resources, which can sometimes result in missing notification highlights.

Android has indicated that it seeks to solve this challenge by announcing partnerships with manufacturers of ‘hardware’ for this operating system in order to guarantee proper functioning of its APIs. Thus, it has recognized that these restrictions “make it difficult to create applications that work on different device models.”

The first device developer to join his bid is Samsung Electronics, which hopes to offer a more “consistent and reliable” user experience regarding background apps for users of Galaxy devices.

It will do so, specifically, through the One UI 6.0 customization layer, which “will ensure that the foreground services of apps targeting Android 14 work as expected, as long as they are developed in accordance with the new API policy”, as explained in this writing.

With these changes, both Android and Samsung intend to make it easier for developers to optimize applications and, thus, ensure that these ‘apps’ continue to work in the background as normal but without consuming so many resources on all Android devices.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: Google, Europa Press / dpa)

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