Amsterdam opens Nakamoto house-museum

In the establishment, those interested can become familiar with the basic concepts of the crypto ecosystem and appreciate objects and documents related to bitcoin

Amsterdam recently opened a branch of Nakamoto House, the alleged creator of bitcoin, to the delight of experts, novices and the general public. It is important to remember that the first house was opened in Vienna in 2017.

It is a house-museum that offers the little knowers of the cryptocurrency ecosystem a “starter kit” with complete and easily understood information about bitcoin and a gift card in this digital currency equivalent to 15 euros.

Of course, it has a small store where visitors can buy “bitcoin values”, or paper wallets with a bitcoin address and the user’s private key.

The facilities function as a meeting place for followers of cryptocurrencies, with an enriching exchange of opinions and knowledge. There you will also find ATMs in the main market cryptocurrency.

About the city it is worth mentioning that it is visited annually by thousands of tourists who come to enjoy the beauty and charm of its architecture, the canals, the rich gastronomy and the cultural agenda.

Amsterdam is in full development with respect to cryptographic assets. In different spaces conferences on the subject are organized. In addition, it is among the first cities in The Netherlands to have operating bitcoin ATMs. In fact, there are 12 ATMs for transactions with this and other electronic currencies.



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