Amazon makes first commercial dron delivery

The giant of the online sales takes big steps to logistics strengthening

Cambridge was the city selected by Amazon in Great Britain for its first commercial delivery with drone, which consisted of a package of popcorn and its tool for Amazon TV. For this delivery a prototype with a weight around 2.3 kilos and with capacity to transport an object the size of a shoe box was selected. The technological device took 13 minutes throughout the procedure.

What seems a trivial scene these days represents for Amazon a breakthrough in logistics, when they think on the need to reduce costs and delivery times, in addition to covering ever greater distances with better efficiency.

Of course, the company had to ask British authorities for the necessary permits for these commercial test, which was successful. It was the first of many Prime Air services that Amazon expects to do in the near future, in addition to achieving its own transport network that allows it to control more its deliveries and the logistics that currently have trucks and planes rented for deliveries by land and air.


Source: El Español

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