Amazon asks Trump to testify before Justice

According to the electronic purchasing company, the US president would have put pressure to deny a millionaire public contract

The e-commerce company Amazon asked Justice to call on the president of the United States, Donald Trump, for a possible intervention in the decision to grant a public contract.

The multinational sent a document to the Federal Claims Court, where Trump’s testimony was requested over the possibility that his confrontation with CEO Jeff Bezos could have conditioned the award of the contract.

“Other individuals can testify about specific conversations he had with them, but president Trump is the only one who can testify about all of his conversations and the general message he conveyed to them”, Amazon said.

On the other hand, they indicated that the president “has a unique knowledge about whether he also had other conversations with other unknown individuals to date and therefore does not appear on the current list of witnesses”.

The Pentagon decided at the time to award the $ 10,000 million contract to Microsoft for it to store data in the cloud.

The contract, called Joint Infrastructure Defense Company (JEDI), aims to replace its own storage systems with data in the cloud of technology giants, allowing access to the latest technology and massive servers.

K. Tovar

Source: Elnuevoherald

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