Akon is launching his own cryptocurrency

The AKoin will serve to support its Lightning Africa initiative aimed at improving living conditions on the continent

During his speech at the recent edition of the Cannes Lion Festival, the Senegalese singer Akon announced the launching of his own cryptocurrency, the AKoin. It will serve to support his initiative called Lightning Africa, through which he seeks to optimize living conditions in the continent.

The well-known rapper also said that his plans include the creation of a “one hundred percent cryptographic” city. It would be located in an area of ​​810 hectares that the government of Senegal donated to the artist. The lands are very close to the international airport, near the capital, Dakar.

Through his official Twitter account, @Akon, the singer expressed his interest in blockchain technology and its benefits in all spheres of life, as well as entrepreneurship and empowerment to face the future.

Although his life has been wrapped in controversy, Akon stands out in the music market, with an altruistic vision of life. In his opinion, cryptocurrencies could represent salvation for Africa in the near future, making limitations disappear and providing citizens with reliable means of economic growth.

Akon is not the first artist to launch his own cryptocurrency. The universe of digital currencies has already captivated athletes and quoted actors. A tendency that the regulators of the world financial system have not stopped questioning.


Source: Cripto.org

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