Airbnb announces layoff of 25% of its workforce

In the midst of the coronavirus quarantine, the company has decided to lay off 1,900 employees worldwide

Airbnb, a leading company in various areas of the tourism sector, has been strongly affected by quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic. Its income has decreased to the point of making the dramatic decision to fire some of its staff. The measure will affect about 1,900 workers in all its subsidiaries in the world, which represents 25% of its payroll of about 7,500 people.

Confinement prevents the transfer of people. Security measures include the suspension of flights, concentration of people, visits to public places; three vital activities for tourism. Holidays, visits to museums, going to the beach or simply eating in a restaurant are suspended.

Given this scenario, Airbnb CEO Bryan Chesky has decided to cut costs and has started with a staff reduction. Through a letter addressed to workers, the executive announced the measure of layoffs, as well as the suspension of their luxury activities, hotels, home rentals and entertainment.

In his letter, Chesky stated: “We are collectively experiencing the most terrible crisis of our lives and, as it began to unfold, travel has been paralyzed globally. Airbnb’s business has been greatly affected.”

Despite measures taken since the start of the pandemic, such as financial aid to staff to prevent layoffs, it was time to make such a decision. The company predicts a reduction of its activities to 50% in 2020.


Source: marketing4ecommerce

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