Air France will use blockchain to reduce costs to the user

The airline partnered with the Winding Tree chain to eliminate intermediaries and reduce costs that are transferred to travelers

The Air France-KLM air group has partnered with the Winding Tree travel chain to implement the blockchain technology that will allow them to reduce the costs that are transferred to travelers in the various processes involved in the travel industry by eliminating intermediaries.

The news was unveiled on October 4 by spokespersons of the giant Air France-KLM, a company that has established itself as the highest volume of business in 2018.

The Executive Vice President of Strategy and Innovation of Air France-KLM, Sonia Barriere, has indicated that the blockchain technology will “revolutionize the bags within the tourism industry for both customers and companies.”

The areas in which they seek to apply this decentralized technology include the reservation area, to simplify the processes. In addition, there are areas of loyalty, airport logistics, luggage tracking and reduction of excess reserves.

Other similar initiatives are those that have taken place between the Russian airline S7 and the gas company Gazprom through smart contracts based on blockchain, aimed specifically at supplying fuel to the aircraft of the national flight fleet. On the other hand, Singapore Airlines launched a digital blockchain purse, which was developed in partnership with Microsoft.


Source: Cointelegraph

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