Agrocoin, the virtual currency for Mexican chili plants

It was launched with a value of 500 local pesos for the Quintana Roo area

Mexico launched a cryptocurrency for agricultural area in Quintana Roo. The Agrocoin is seen as the first step on the way to digital market.

The digital coin is specifically designed for the cultivation of more than one thousand hectares of habanero chili plants. The negociations in crypto market started with a value of 500 local pesos.

The main objective of those involved in the creation of this cryptocurrency was the search for investors in the franchise model of this area of the industry.

Like the rest of these kind of currencies, the Agrocoin works with blockchain technology, and allows investment and monitoring in real time. It’s a new reality for entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector, who have shown acceptance of new financial technology or fintech.


Source: El Universal.

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