Africa is the new center for artificial intelligence development

The recent creation of the AI ​​Center in Ghana by Google marks a milestone in the evolution of the continent that has been experiencing for some time the migration to its territory of important technology companies

The contributions of Artificial Intelligence to the development of countries is undeniable. It is evident in the various branches of technology but also in Medicine, Education, security, finance and more. Currently, Africa represents a major focus of development and applicability of AI.

The continent has become the settlement of important technology companies, with the desire to develop ambitious projects in various disciplines, beyond the conception that automated processes and robots could displace man.

The most recent news in this context is the creation of the first Google Artificial Intelligence Center on African soil, specifically in Ghana. The continent offers a young, enthusiastic and ambitious workforce.

AI is emerging as the great ally of the processes of innovation, development and understanding of peoples, provided it is used under strict control standards established by governments.

Undoubtedly, security is a crucial aspect in the design of new projects based on artificial intelligence, taking into account crimes such as data theft, forgery of identities, fraud and deception.


Source: Teckrispy

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