Aeronautics industry foresees accelerated progress in three years

Technology is the main pillar of the next advances in airports and in the interior of the airlines. Innovations include biometric identification systems, new security systems and personalized services

According to research carried out by the technology services consultancy for the SITA industry, in the next three years the aeronautical sector will experience a marked advance thanks to the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology.

Several airports in the world already use, for example, biometric identification systems to speed up the process of boarding passengers at airports. This, in turn, speeds up the process and allows customers to spend less time in line.

But this is not the only bet of the companies that make up the aeronautical industry. At the same time, they seek to eliminate annoying processes, reduce expenses for the printing of tickets and other paper documents, as well as deepen security in all stages of the trip, both for people and for luggage.

One case to highlight is that of the Emirates airline, which is currently working fast to launch the first biometric route that seeks to offer a quicker and easier trip from its Hub in Dubai. Through biometric technology, passengers will have the facility to check their flight, complete immigration formalities, board or have access to the VIP room.

Currently, airports are more fluid in processes thanks to new digital communication, security and connection technologies. By 2021, according to SITA, the advances will allow high levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Source: Travel2Latam

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