ADI 2019 Congress will show technological advances applied to dental care

The specialist and co-director of LaplanaBologna, Anabell Bologna, will explain the current procedures based on last generation innovations that will be applied in dental procedures

The specialists and professionals of LaplanaBologna, a Venezuelan center of international reference in the field of advanced dental aesthetics, are characterized by performing an impeccable and helpful work for their patients in general (who visit them from different parts of the world), for their experience and state-of-the-art technology available.

This has made them frequent speakers and contributors to the academy in the area of ​​their knowledge, skills and techniques, which they have been developing and applying with good results. A goof example is that of Dr. Anabell Bologna.

The organization, which knows perfectly the importance of oral health, has a select group of professionals who excel in their dental activities, which “are based on bringing the best care to provide patients with significant results.”

One of its directors, the dentist Anabell Bologna, will offer first-hand information during the important ADI 2019 Congress, where it will refer to “the technical and clinical aspects that influence the outcome of the restoration treatments.”

The Venezuelan expert will describe the various procedures that use Cad Cam technology (Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing), also on new generation materials and artistic or craft skills “for the achievement of aesthetic advances”, as explained by Bologna.

The dentist also indicates that as technology advances, “its impact on science and health care is direct and includes Dentistry and Implantology.” The use of new generation scanners, design softwares and other treatment tools are fundamental, which is why they are now applied in the planning of surgeries and procedure design.

For Bologna, the preparation of the human talent team, hand in hand with its partner and co-director of the center, Dr. Rafael Laplana, regarding all this innovation is essential, to maintain “training in the digital area and thus update our protocols”, as explained by the specialist in the video on the note.

Fuente: El Sumario

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