Addiction to technologies can be prevented

People of all ages can become so dependent on technological devices that their behavior is altered

The world population is currently turning to digital technology for various purposes in their daily lives. Communication, ecommerce, entertainment are key areas in which the Internet and devices such as cell phones, tablets or personal computers are essential.

However, the constant use of these devices can lead people to become practically addicted to technologies. The specialists in human behavior come to this conclusion after analyzing negative behaviors as a result of the lack – at some point – of connection to the network or other circumstance that prevents the person from using the technologies.

Children are especially vulnerable to the influence of technologies. When they stay connected to videogames, they develop negative habits that parents must address.

Faced with an unusual behavior such as refusal to comply with homework or leaving home, apathy, sedentary lifestyle, eating disorders, it is time to take action.

The main recommendation is to reduce the hours of play with the computer or other platforms and give priority to share with family and friends in open spaces, play sports, socialize.

Another fundamental aspect is to vary the contents to which they have access, so that they do not concentrate on the game and, on the contrary, they are related to pages of didactic content adapted to each age. For their security, there are programs that block inappropriate content for children and protect them from pornography, harassment and other crimes

Children can learn to manage screen time with guidance from parents, who are not exempt from technology addiction. Your example is crucial for children.

Change consumption patterns and regain social life, physical interaction, recreation is possible and necessary for the health of adults and children.



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