Addiction to new technologies increased in 2018

Only in the field of smartphones users have more and more apps and innovative devices, such as the recently launched folding devices. Undoubtedly, these are aspects that hook the client to the point of creating addiction

One of the problems that derive from technological advances, mainly in the communication industry, is the addiction that it provokes in the user. During 2018 the cases of addiction to the smartphone, tablets and the Internet in general rose like foam. It is a situation that worries the medical sector.

Video games could be considered first on the list in terms of technological addiction. However, in view of the fact that the launches of novelties for cell phones happen so fast, these devices currently occupy the first place in this case of medical study.

Currently, smartphones offer Internet connection, applications for almost all activities of daily life. The user can know the weather or locate the trade you need, pay for services and make balance top-ups, as well as enjoy videos and movies.

Undoubtedly, social networks are another factor of proven addiction. Everyone with a smartphone wants to post photos on Instagram and get “likes” or followers. In the case of Facebook and Twitter, users like to stay connected to their accounts for long hours knowing the comments of followers.

The danger of these prolonged connections is that people isolate themselves from the environment, impoverish their human relationships or simply annul them by not being able to communicate directly with family and friends. Additionally, the sedentary lifestyle generated by being “stuck” to the cell phone or the computer on a daily basis can trigger cardiovascular diseases.

The addicted to technology can be recognized by features such as giving priority to the use of cell phones instead of leaving home to perform routine activities or contact with the family; isolation and breakdown of interpersonal relationships by giving preference to sending text messages; use of the cell phone for the most elementary procedures; use the smartphone during meals or when going to the bathroom; missing work or study site for being a slave to the “ease” that technology offers.

The consequences include loss of initiative, low self-esteemdepression -especially when the balance is exhausted or it is not possible to update an application-, dependence on devices such as cell phones or computers in everyday life, asocial behavior.


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