Adam Savage creates a real Iron Man’s armor

He had the support of other innovators to create a bulletproof armor and that is part of his new show for Discovery Channel

When people ask Adam Savage for his passion, he replies that he has always been a builder. He is a leading American master of special effects whose skills have brightened up productions of companies such as Industrial Light And Magic, Warner Bros. and Disney.

Movies like Star Wars – Episodes I and II -, the sequels of Matrix, The Bicentennial Man, Artificial Intelligence, Space Cowboys and others ar examples of the job of Savage on special effects. He is currently back with his most recent invention: a bulletproof Iron Man armor.

The former presenter of Mythbusters has a new program called Savage Builds, especially aimed at builders, or rather, creators. For this program on Discovery Channel Savage has embarked on the creation of the armor capable of flying and withstanding bullet impacts.

He has worked together with experts in other areas, such as 3D printing to obtain the pieces in titanium that form the armor. The firing range of the Alameda County Police Department in Dublin, California, was the site of resistance tests with 22.9 and 45 mm bullets.

But Tony Stark’s armor must be able to fly. For that, Savage got the help of an expert from Gravity Industries. This is Richard Browning, who has created and tested an Iron Man suit.

The invention of Savage does not reach the speed of flight nor the height of the known armor of the Marvel films. However, it is a very interesting project, which will surely attract the attention of the makers who see the program. Undoubtedly, fiction can be adapted to real-life needs once difficulties and trials have been overcome.

The following video offers Adam Savage’s explanation of his new project.


Source: Xataka

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