According to the UN, North Korea allegedly seized USD 2 billion in digital assets

As said in a report by the United Nations Organization, North Korea would have raised about USD 2 billion through the hacking of banks and cryptocurrency exchanges

In a confidential report obtained by the mainstream media, including Reuters, the UN Security Council Sanctions Committee for North Korea said hackers are an essential part of government funding.

The report of the aforementioned media outlet cites: “The cyber actors of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, many of whom operate under the direction of the General Bureau of Recognition, raise funds for their weapons of mass destruction (WDM) programs, which income totals to date are estimated at up to USD 2 billion.”

For its part, Pyongyang is regularly the main suspect in investigations into attacks on exchanges in Asian countries.

The entity known as the Lazarus Group has become famous for its malicious activities, which have affected countries around the world.

The FBI reiterated the UN’s opinion that North Korea is deliberately seizing money to counteract the effects of international sanctions, which will likely be maintained due to the lack of progress in the talks.

L. Saenz

Source: Cointelegraph

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