A Swedish man sends a bomb to a cryptoexchange

A homemade bomb was sent by a Swedish man to a cryptocurrency exchange in London after the reinstatement of his account was denied

In London, a Swedish man was imprisoned for attempted bombing in the Cryptopay cryptography company. The man sent a potentially lethal homemade bomb to the establishment. The Metropolitan Police said the subject was infuriated after the cryptocurrency exchange house refused to reset his password.

Jermu Michael Salonen, 43, contacted Cryptopay for the first time in August of last year. He requested that they reset his password, however Cryptopay rejected his request. According to the company, restoring passwords goes against the privacy policy of the company.

Apparently, Salonen sent a padded envelope containing a white powder without marking two employees of Cryptopay. The envelope that arrived at the office in November 2017 remained closed for months. In March 2018 a worker decided to open it, but he suspected something strange when he saw the content and stopped.

Incredibly, instead of opening the envelope for the indicated place, the worker did it in the middle. To activate the bomb, it was enough to open the envelope correctly.

Salonen has not managed to recover the password of his account and also faces many problems with the law. With numerous charges for sending similar packages to several Swedish lawmakers, including the prime minister.


Source: Bitcoin.es

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