A growing number of real estate sales use Bitcoin

A sector of the economy that seemed stuck finds an accelerator engine in virtual currencies

Luxury properties are the main focus of real estate specialists connected to sales in cryptocurrencies. Transactions in digital currencies have given a positive boost to the sector worldwide. The most recent sale is a luxury house in Delaware, United States, valued at 1.75 million dollars.

It is an investment that young professionals and entrepreneurs take with preference to secure their first home. The Delaware mansion was sold by real estate agent Michael Kelczewski of the well-known firm Sotheby’s International Realty.

The house has, among others, a beautiful pool, a wine cellar and a theater. Attributes not at all negligible for couples who have reached a certain financial stability and wish to invest in assets that are revalued over time.

The new technologies applied to the real estate purchase and sale sector represent light at the end of the tunnel after a period of stagnation caused by the fluctuations of the fiduciary currencies. Currently, the companies in the sector count on friendly platforms for successful businesses as allies.

A notable example is CryptoHome, founded by Kenny Hayslett, who has shown enthusiasm for the adoption of Bitcoin in real estate transactions, saying it is a safe way to transfer assets.


Source: Coincrispy

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