2Local, innovative blockchain platform for global properity

The innovative project for the emerging technology platform seeks to make local and sustainable products accessible for growth and prosperity

2Local is an innovative service platform based on blockchain technology, for the benefit of consumers to connect with companies that produce local goods and services.

The company highlights that this initiative dreams a better future “and we try to express it. Our opposes to inequality, injustice and malnutrition, and is based on the sustainable use of natural resources. We want to give each individual a place in a new world economy of the future, that is more local, less agitated and, in general, happier. We will consume less and differently, focusing not on economic growth, but on sustainable development and prosperity. We will not fight for more, but for the better.”

2Local becomes synonymous of sustainability and prosperity throughout the world by making local purchases accessible to all. For this reason, an intelligent design of digital currency is adapted for the use that will be given by consumers and connected companies and which will also be a token supporting by algorithm, linked to a cash back system.

The launch of this token is scheduled for December 2, 2021, with an initial offer where everyone who purchases the asset will receive it in a digital wallet, in a smartphone, on personal account that can be opened through the 2local.io website.

A QR code will allow users to easily transfer a desired amount of L2L tokens to another account. The Android 2local application is available at the beginning of the initial offer, while the iOS application will be available shortly thereafter.


Source: criptomonedaseico

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