24 Chinese citizens arrested in Thailand for alleged bitcoin scam

Citizens managed a false cryptocurrency call center in the Rama III neighborhood of Bangkok to carry on scam

After an official announcement on December 2, the Immigration Office of the Royal Thai Police arrested 24 people, seized 61 laptops, 424 mobile phones and several routers.

According to the information that is known, the scammers aimed to raise THB 5 million (USD 165,000) from investors they met in Internet chat rooms.

The Migration Police said that the head of the operation hired employees for three months, at which time they would pay all their expenses, including a monthly salary of CNY 5,000 (USD 710). Upon arrival, workers handed their passports to the head of the operation. The scammers attracted Chinese investors to buy bitcoin (BTC), with ostensibly low interest rates in order to make a profit.

The police continue following the trail of the organizer of the operation who, as the head of the alleged bitcoin scam, owns the passports of the employees. However, as reported in the media, 54 minors have been detained in a Thai tourist hotel for tricking Chinese investors into investing in false actions.

Local news newspaper Chiang Rai Times reported that the Immigration Office has discovered a series of scams in call centers operated by Chinese citizens. For its part, the immigration police made a raid on a scam carried out by Chinese teenagers.


Source: cointelegraph


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