Amazon will soon accept cash in its physical stores

The e-commerce giant will soon start working with paper currency payments as a response to criticism received in the past

Through an announcement, the online sales giant Amazon announced that it will soon accept cash payments at its physical stores.

It should be noted that the company now has more than 30 physical stores, which until now did not accept cash as a method of payment.

In this connection, Amazon has received a lot of criticism for this policy. Many consider it an act of discrimination against people with fewer economic resources.

The company will now begin to take the necessary steps to start working with cash, although the exact date on which this will begin has not been released.

In the United States the laws are acting to prevent this type of acts. In fact, some months ago Philadelphia became the first city to prohibit establishments that do not accept cash, while New York, San Francisco and other cities are considering imposing similar measures.

K. Tovar

Source: FayerWayer

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