FBI closed a site for money laundering and other crimes

Executives in charge of the site were also put under custody by the US government agency

FBI would have canceled the website DeepDotWeb, a page that was dedicated to the search and news related to the dark web.

When users try to access these sites, the page shows the FBI logo for both .com and .onion domains.

On the other hand, those in charge of the operation of the servers were taken into custody under the accusation of money laundering.

The list of suspects includes two Israelis, Ashdod and Tel Aviv, aged 34 and 35 respectively, as well as other detainees in Brazil, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

The web page also offered information about cryptocurrencies, and dark sites where they could buy and sell these items, as well as weapons, drugs, information from stolen credit cards, among others.

K. Tovar

Source: Coincrispy

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