Dharma starts operations with cryptocurrencies

The new company that offers cryptocurrency loan services formally started its trading activities

Dharma is now available to the public, so any user can trade or borrow a digital currency just through a few clicks. The users only need an Internet connection.

In February the company behind the launch of this platform, Dharma Labs, raised 7 million dollars to develop it. By that time the project was in alpha phase.

At present Dharma is already a fact and represents a service that connects lenders and borrowers on an equal footing to establish the terms of cryptocurrency loans, registered with smart and non-custodial contracts.

Similarly, the firm argues that cryptoactives are and should act like traditional money. That is, they must be used in daily life, to pay bills or request a loan, which are the main objectives of the company.

In this regard, Nadav Hollander, CEO of Dharma, explained that they are “making fixed-term loans with fixed rates” and that they are working hard to improve the user experience.


Source: Coincrispy

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